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2011/11/16 Wednesday 16:12



img_2956.jpg 2012年ウインターカップ 12月24日東京開催  静岡の強豪沼津中央高校バスケットボール部にはなんと、DANKAの活動地ティエス市出身のシャリフ・ソーがいる。シャリフの二人の兄さんファティやジビは友達だ。秋鹿理事長もクルイサ村に来てくれた。もう これは応援するしかない!! ガンバレ!!


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2009/09/16 Wednesday 15:08

Tomica Pla-rail festival in AEON Kagoshima shopping center

Tomica Pla-rail festival in AEON Kagoshima shopping center
Tomica is toy of car. Pla-rail is toy of train.
They are products of TOMY COMPANY,LTD.
Period:  2009/09/19(Sat)〜 2009/09/23(Wed) for five days
Hours:  10:00〜18:00  Only the final day(9/23), this event is hold until 17:00.
Venue: AEON Kagoshima shopping center
   Kazeno hiroba on 1F first floor , AEON hall on 3F Third floor
Note: This event has both paid and free attraction.
○Exhibition zone
・Tomica Pla-rail Diorama(free of charge)

○Action zone.
・Tomica fishing (fee required)
 Let's hook Tomica you want with fishing rod .
・Stop "Pittato" !Game (fee required)
 Let's stop Tomica at "STOP" area.
・Put pla-rail into a garage games(fee required)
 Let's put Pla-rail into  garage.
・Playland (free of charge. and capacity time system)
 It is a open space you can play freely with Pla-rail and Tomica



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2009/08/28 Friday 13:04

Health & Human Services

Come and avail the one(1) day Free Health Services!

Services available ; 

Urine Test, Fat percentage test, Bone Calcium test, Blood Pressure check,

Know the age of your veins, Health and Nutrition Advice.


Date: Sep 5 (SAT) 10a.m.~4p.m.

Venue: Yamakataya Building1, 7F  Social Hall




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