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2009/08/26 Wednesday 18:48

Theatre this week


Bolt-poster-final-fullsize.jpg   The latest movies in the two cinemas of Kagoshima are rather lighthearted, most them being cartoon or action film. One of the actions, G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, is simply jaw-dropping. It turns out much more terrific than the trailer. Every minute in the two hours is exciting with scenes like the Eiffel Tower falls down. Go to Toho Cinemas Yojiro for English version.

 Actually the best reviewed movie now is "Up" by Pixar, the same people  who brought you Wall-E. But in Japan it won't be released until this December. Just check out its trailer! While there is another  interesting cartoon on, Disney's "Bolt". The movie isn't as simple as it looks, and is very touching. You can watch the 3D version at Mitte 10 in Amu Plaza. But only Japanese version is available in the two cinemas.


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