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2009/09/02 Wednesday 20:14

Kosuke Atari live at Amu



The famous singer of Island Song, Kosuke Atari, is coming to the HMV at Amu Plaza on Sep 13th, to do a small live at the square. The live starts from 17:30 according to his official site.

Kosuke Atari has had many hits and singed for several well known TV commercials. He is said to have "the most beautiful voice", and "sound like an musical instrument".

Anyone who buys his new single Sky is the Sky (空が空) at HMV, will get his signed photo, and the chance to join a small meeting with him, even a handshake with the singer himself!

Here is a clip of Kosuke Atari's famous song, Hana. Enjoy the fascinating Island Song from Amami!


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